Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Custom Cars by Matt Doeden

What do channeling, shaving, sectioning, and scallops have in common?  The complex world of custom cars.  For readers interested in cars and customization, Custom Cars delivers a comprehensive overview in just forty-seven eye-catching pages.  The first half of the book explores the history of cars and customization, beginning with the Model T and progressing chronologically to the present day.  The latter half explores customization types and techniques illustrated with glossy, full-color photos.  Sidebars throughout the text include interesting facts, in-depth definitions, mini-bios, and other related information.  Front matter includes a limited table of contents and backmatter includes a glossary, index, selected bibliography, further reading, related web resources, and information about the author. --Regan Schwartz

Doeden, Matt.  Custom Cars . Minneapolis: Lerner Publications Comnay, 2008. Print.

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