Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Programming Spotlight: Soner Ön Visits Summit

Please accept our apologies for such infrequent posting this month! February was a whirlwind of programs for us, and we just returned from our mid-winter recess. We'll try to update you this week on programs past.

Soner conferences with a student
On February 6th and 7th, Brooklyn artist Soner Ön visited students at Summit and led a zine-making workshop.  Students used used original and appropriated images and text, mainly found in our school library books, to create something personal to them. The finished zines are beautiful! Thank you, Soner, for inspiring our students to create such meaningful work. --Anja Kennedy

Students found source material in library books
Completed zines

Friday, February 3, 2012

Charmed by Carrie Mac

Things are tough for Izzy.  Her mom is working thousands of miles away; she is left at home with Rob the Slob, her mother’s rude, disgusting boyfriend; and her best friend refuses to grow up.  But things seem to be turning around when Cody Dillon, gorgeous high school drop-out, starts paying her serious attention.  Soon Izzy is tangled up in Cody’s non-stop party world, and unknowingly racking up debts she’s expected to repay.  

Charmed was recommended to me by a student who picked it up, pointed to the cover, and said, “This right here.  This is the book.”  Many students come looking for books about girls in prostitution, and Charmed fits the bill. This offering from Canadian publisher Orca Soundings is a high interest/low level reader with an enticing cover and accessible prose.  Facts of Canadian life might give urban American readers pause, but for patrons looking for an accessible and straightforward story on prostitution, Charmed is a perfect fit. --Regan Schwartz