Out of Print Books We Wish Were in Print

Shields, Brian and Sullivan, Kevin. WW Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to World Wrestling Entertainment. Indianapolis: DK/BradleyGAMES, 2009. Print.

Stone, Tanya Lee.  Up Close: Ella Fitzgerald.  New York: Penguin, 2008.

Blank, Jessica.  Almost Home.  New York: Hyperion, 2007. Print.

Rivilis, Michael. Tattoo U: 500 Designs for Anywhere on Your Body. New York: Sterling Innovaction, 2009. Print.

Garza, Carmen Lomas. Making Magic Windows: Creating Papel Picado/cut-paper Art with Carmen Lomas Garza. San Francisco, CA: Children's Book/Libros Para Ninos, 1999. Print.

Young, Sue. The Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary. New York: Scholastic, 1994. Print.

Willin, Dr. Melvyn. The Paranormal Caught on Film. Cincinnati, OH: David & Charles, 2008. Print.

Davidson, Dana. Played. New York: Hyperion, 2005. Print.

Setchfield, Neil.  Yuck!  the things people eat.  London:  Merrell, 2010.  Print.

Weitzman, Ilana, et al, eds. Jokelopedia. New York: Workman Publishing, 2006. Print.

Beatty, Scott. Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel. New York: DK Publishing, 2002. Print.

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