Friday, December 18, 2015

WW Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to World Wrestling Entertainment by Brian Shields and Kevin Sullivan

Have you ever heard of Buddy Rogers, Shawn Michaels, Hulk Hogan, or maybe John Cena?  The WW Encyclopedia serves as an archive of World Wrestling Entertainment’s various characters spanning nearly 50 years; it is, as the title states, a definitive guide not only for WWE fanatics, but those new to the sport. Entertainers and Tag Teams are cataloged alphabetically by their ring name, then further distinguished by the formatting to signify when the personalities were active. Although not every detail of each performer’s career is highlighted, their most memorable events, battles, and adversaries are noted alongside the common statistics of height, weight, land of origin, and signature move, if relevant. Breaking up the alphabetical rhythm of the encyclopedia are topics pertinent to a WWE enthusiast, such as Hall of Fame, Signs, and WWE Studios. An index located at the end makes this guide a quick reference companion while talking or viewing the WWE.--Allison Trevaskis

Shields, Brian and Sullivan, Kevin. WW Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to World Wrestling Entertainment. Indianapolis: DK/BradleyGAMES, 2009. Print.

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