Thursday, April 25, 2013

Yuck! the things people eat by Neil Setchfield

Have you ever eaten kangaroo tail?  Snake on a stick?  Setchfield’s detailed photographs don’t seek to expand reader’s culinary horizons as much as they intend to “demonstrate that, when it comes to food, palatability is highly subjective.”  This concept can spark deep conversations and exploratory arguments leading to greater appreciation for cultural perspectives and global variety.  To be honest, though, this book usually grabs readers’ attention because of the visceral reactions and ensuing debates of readers.  Yuck!’s brief introduction is followed by chapters featuring bugs, sea creatures, four-legged animals, reptiles and amphibians, fowl, and processed foods/remains.  Back matter consists of one page of additional foods omitted and a short bibliography for further reading. This small 240 page volume is in frequent circulation among readers and non-readers alike.  Each double page spread includes a full color photograph faced by a square of text with a paragraph or two describing the delicacy and its context.  Recommended for independent reading, paired readings, and as a conversation starter on taste, preference, and cultural perspective.--Jessica Fenster-Sparber

Setchfield, Neil.  Yuck!  the things people eat.  London:  Merrell, 2010.  Print.

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