Monday, April 22, 2013

Spotlight Interview: Bernardine Lowery-Crute

The Passages Academy Libraries team is thrilled to introduce Bernardine Lowery-Crute, Bronx Hope's new librarian.  Bernardine is an accomplished school librarian who will be providing library services to Bronx Hope's students and staff for the remainder of the school year.  Please join us in giving her a warm Passages Academy welcome. --Regan Schwartz 

RS: Can you tell our readers a little bit about your background in teaching and what you were doing before coming aboard the Passages Academy Library team?

BLC: I have worked as a teacher for the Department of Education since 1988. During that time I spent 14 years at the elementary level and taught 1st grade, kindergarten, third grade and library to grades K – 4. I then spent 10 years at the middle school level where I taught 6th and 8th grade English for one year and then library to grades 6 – 8.  Just before becoming a part of the Passages Library team the library in my middle school was closed and I was excessed.

RS: What is your favorite thing to read and your favorite place to read?

BLC: My taste in reading, like my taste in most things, tends to be very eclectic. I seem to go through phases where I just read one genre or another. Almost anything from suspense to mystery to romance to urban fiction can be my favorite for the moment. If I had to pick one favorite above all I would probably say crime drama/mystery. My favorite place to read is lying on the beach but since I only get to do that on vacation, I’d have to say lying in bed.

RS: What was your favorite book when you were a teenager?

BLC: When I was a teenager my favorite author would have been Donald Goines. I just could not get enough of him. His writing was real to me in that it reflected what I knew existed in my surroundings even if I led a life that was sheltered enough that it did not exist in my immediate presence.

RS: What do you like to do for fun when you're not reading?

BLC: When I’m not reading I love to lose myself in a movie. I go to the movies probably at least once every week. I love to sit in the dark with a bucket of popcorn and some Goobers and be entertained by the stories being told on the big screen.

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