Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NBA Champions: New York Knicks by Aaron Frisch

Don’t like to read?  This book, and others in the NBA Champions series, have become some of the more heavily-relied upon go-to books.  Go-to, that is,  for students who tell me the first time I meet them in Belmont’s library that they “hate to read and don’t want to see nothing.”  If, in response to my questioning about other interests, they mention basketball, I can usually solicit the name of their favorite team, go to our sports section, and return, handily, with a title from this series.  Silent perusal of the book is most often what I observe next.  What’s inside?  Twenty-four full-color pages with historical pictures and one or two sentences per page.  The captions for the photos are short and accessible.  This book is perfect for the emergent reader who is a Knicks fan and struggling in an independent reading situation.  The text, while unthrilling, does a serviceable job of engaging the reader’s attention in a few facts about the Knicks.  Did you know they formed in 1946?  Or what “Knicks” is short for?  I didn’t either--until now.  A table of contents, an index and glossary make this a suitable pick for reading specialists introducing non-fiction.  --Jessica Fenster-Sparber

Frisch, Aaron.  NBA Champions: The New York Knicks.  Mankato:  Creative Paperbacks, 2012.

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