Friday, May 10, 2013

Graffiti Alphabets by Claudia Walde

Easily one of the three most popular reference books in our library, Walde’s Graffiti Alphabets is a heavy, hardcover volume which offers an international collection of fonts inspired by graffiti.  Some of the fonts are designed by writers who stick strictly to the art form, and others are attributed to working graphic designers and artists’.  Each two-page spread shows the writer’s tag, followed by his or her location (city, country), affiliations (i.e. crews), favorite letter, web address, and then a short paragraph describing the writer’s favorite mediums and materials, philosophy, or what s/he loves about graffiti.  The majority of the 150+ writers included are based in Europe, but Asian, American, and South American writers are also included.  Images include one full page dedicated to the alphabet and usually a half-page photograph of a piece or two.  All color images are reproduced in full matte color.  This book is also available in French.--Jessica Fenster-Sparber

Walde, Claudia.  Graffiti Alphabets.  New York:  Thames & Hudson, 2011.  Print.

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