Monday, May 13, 2013

Planet Hulk By Greg Pak

When Namor, Dr. Strange, Dr. Xavier, Reed Richards and Tony Stark decide to ship the Hulk to a faraway planet, their plan fails. The Hulk's shuttle enters a wormhole and lands in a completely different place than intended.  Planet Skaar is ruled by the Red King who captures the Hulk and makes him fight in the gladiator arena.  The Incredible Hulk will have to muster all of his strength, of which he has plenty, to fight his way to freedom and escape the grasp of the Red King, who rules Skaar with an iron fist. The story depicts a more human side of the Hulk, leaving Bruce Banner, the Hulk’s alter ego, completely out of the story.  It allows the reader to see, and perhaps understand, that there is more to the green beast than we’re usually led to believe.  Comic book fans will not be disappointed here.  Anyone who likes comics, especially Hulk fans, should pick this one up.  If the ending leaves you wanting more, make sure to follow up with the action packed World War Hulk. -- Claudio Leon

Greg Pak. Hulk: Planet Hulk. New York: Marvel Worldwide Inc, 2011. Print.

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