Monday, December 17, 2012

Encyclopedia of Sharks by Steve Parker

Sharks are older than dinosaurs and just as fascinating.  These mysterious predators come in all shapes and sizes, from the 6-8 inch dwarf lantern shark, to the 40-foot whale shark, and the Encyclopedia of Sharks has them all.  Chock-full of glossy, full-color photographs, charts, and maps, it’s clear that the immediate appeal of this book is visual.  However, the casual browser is soon roped in by the interesting snippets of information presented in sidebars and captions.  Each page of the book is a separate section, clearly organized with titles and subtitles, making it easier for fluent readers to skim for information.  These sections are grouped into chapters, such as “Shark Design” and “Hunters and Killers.”  The Encyclopedia of Sharks includes an extensive index and glossary, as well as a list of places to see sharks and shark-related resources. --Regan Schwartz

Parker, Steve. Encyclopedia of Sharks. Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books, 2008. Print.

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