Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Robot Dreams by Sarah Varon

Wordless friendship is probably be the best way to describe this fantastic graphic novel about a dog and his robot friend.  Through the use of imagery alone, Sarah Varon does a great job demonstrating the friendship between the dog and his mail-ordered robot.  Together both characters share many adventures and have a great time, until they go to the beach.  Dog encourages Robot to jump in the water with him.  Robot reluctantly agrees and eventually joins Dog in the water.  After their swim they both decide to lay down on the sand, but when it’s time to leave, Robot is unable to move. Dog is forced to leave Robot at the beach where he comes to visit Robot every day.  When winter comes and the beach closes, Dog can no longer visit Robot. Will Robot still be there when the beach opens next summer?  Dog doesn’t know it, but Robot’s adventures are just about to begin.

Robot Dreams is suitable for any reading level since the only text found in this graphic novel is onomatopoeia; the rest of the novel is textless.  Students will enjoy looking at each panel and flying through the pages as though they were watching a silent film.--Claudio Leon

Varon, Sara. Robot Dreams. New York & London: First Second, 2007. Print

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