Friday, January 10, 2014

The Boy is Mine! by Charmaine White

Written by eighteen-year-old Charmaine White, The Boy is Mine! is chock full of high school relationship drama from an insider’s perspective.  Starring Neisha Thompson, a popular cheerleader who isn’t sure what or who she wants, this fast-paced read centers on a set of intersecting love triangles wreaking havoc in the personal lives of Wilson High’s most popular students.  While English teachers may cringe at the editing in publisher Wahida Clark’s new young adult line, teens looking for juicy drama will be well-served and those interested in writing may find inspiration in the book’s teen author.  Non-graphic sexual situations and occasional drug use recommend this book for high school and up.  --Regan Schwartz

White, Charmaine. The Boy is Mine!. East Orange, NJ: Wahida Clark Presents Publishing Young Adult, 2011. Print.

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Yasmine Lewis said...

Omg after reading this book i can already see it being a movie someday Charmaine you are a talented writer keep up the good work!!!!!! :)