Monday, March 11, 2013

Pavement Chalk Artist: The three dimensional drawings of Julian Beever by Julian Beever

There is nothing quite like 3D pavement art - those mind bending works of street art that, from just the right perspective, appear to leap off the sidewalk.  In Pavement Chalk Artist, Julian Beever showcases over fifty of his own creations - often including himself and passersby in a creative, and often very amusing, tableau.  Each photograph is accompanied by a brief description of the project, often including a bit of art instruction.  In addition to the luscious, full-color photographs, the book contains a biographical introduction and a brief description of Beever’s anamorphic drawing technique.  This is a captivating book of creative art, as well an in-depth look at one man’s artistic journey.  Students pore over the pictures, often expressing disbelief at what they are seeing and eagerness to try it for themselves.  Pavement Chalk Artist is would make excellent supplementary non-fiction reading for a unit on perspective or for a unit on media and advertising, as that is how Beever generates much of his sidewalk art income.--Regan Schwartz

Beever, Julian.  Pavement Chalk Artist: The three dimensional drawings of Julian Beever. Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books, 2010. Print

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