Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Megaman Megamix by Hitoshi Ariga

Like classics?  Well Megaman Megamix takes it back to the good ol’ days.  This is the original Megaman we all fell in love with and he’s joined by the rest of the original crew, Roll, Rover, Dr. Light and of course Dr. Wily - they’re all here.  In the future, Dr. Light creates a multitude of robots to help humanity.  Megaman (or Rockman as he is called in the series) is Dr. Light’s robot helper.  Dr. Wily, an evil scientist and old acquaintance of Dr. Light, reprograms all of the robots via computer virus (except for Megaman!) to become destructive.  With Megaman being one of the only robots not affected by Dr. Wily’s virus, Dr. Light is forced to change Megaman from a helper robot to a combat robot.  Megaman receives his very famous Mega-Buster, an arm-mounted energy cannon, along with the ability to steal his adversary's abilities.

In each chapter Megaman will battle it out with different robots all while trying to figure out Dr. Wily’s base of operation.  The series is only three volumes long, but it has all the great things that make Megaman such a great read.  Students who enjoy Pluto or Megaman NT Warrior will likely enjoy reading this series.--Claudio Leon

Ariga, Hitoshi.  Megaman Megamix. Tokyo: Enterbrain INC, 2003. Print.

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