Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Historias De Miedo: 1 by Alvin Schwartz

If you’re looking for scary stories in Spanish you’re in luck!  Historias de Miedo (Scary Stories) is filled with a wide range of short horror stories written in Spanish. No story is longer than three pages, making the book a quick read for those looking to read it cover to cover or those just looking for a quick scare fix.  The book seems a good fit for middle schoolers, because it is unlikely that any of the stories will keep students up at night; a few tales were more funny than scary.   The book is divided by chapters, each one containing a category of stories such as: ghosts, stories that will make you jump, scary stories about everyday dangers and even a funny scary stories section.  Tales are accompanied by black and white pictures that complement the story.  My favorite was a comic strip like tale told through four panels about the sea waves coming in and out of the beach called, “El Slideri-di,” which translates to “the sliding slide” or something along those lines.

At the end of the book is an annotated bibliography with details about the background of the stories and their original source. Students looking for not so serious horror stories should enjoy this book. -- Claudio Leon

Schwartz, Alvin. Historias de Miedo: 1. Editorial Everest, 1981. Print.

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