Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wolverine: Prodigal Son by Antony Johnston, art by Wilson Tortosa

This is a refreshing and interesting new take on the story of Logan, better known as Wolverine.  Wilson Tortosa, the artist, uses manga style art with black and white graphics to re-write Wolverine’s origin.  The story takes place before Wolverine joins the X-Men, and introduces Logan as a 16 year old living in a martial arts monastery.  Logan, who was abandoned in the forest, was taken in by the master of the monastery.  Readers learn how Logan obtained his nickname “Wolverine” and his unique fighting skills.  When the monastery comes under attack, Logan is left full of questions and yearning for answers.  Prodigal Son is a never before seen take on Logan’s origins because the Marvel Universe has always kept Wolverine’s past a tightly guarded secret, including his actual age, birth place and family background.   In addition to this new revelation about Wolverine’s past, readers may particularly enjoy the manga format of this volume. --Claudio Leon

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