Friday, November 18, 2011

Illustrations from the Inside by The Beat Within

It only takes a pencil and paper to create artwork that moves, inspires, and wows. Nothing flashy here -- just some really talented, locked-up teenagers who have shared their art with The Beat Within, a group that describe themselves as a program that “provide[s] incarcerated youth with consistent opportunity to share their ideas and life experiences in a safe space that encourages literacy [and] self-expression...” Aside from the introduction, which is written in a scholarly and academic tone, and clearly not directed towards incarcerated youth, this book has huge appeal for our students. They pore over the art on every page; all pencil drawings which are generally in a style they recognize and of the quality they aspire to in their own work. Our students are impressed by the skill represented in this book, but not too intimidated to continue drawing; rather, the art inspires them to practice more. Unfortunately, Illustrations from the Inside is only available in hardcover, which means it can only be made available for our students in non-secure detention. --Anja Kennedy


Anonymous said...

Hello Anja,

Nice post!

My name is David Inocencio. I am the founder of The Beat Within. I'd be honored to talk to you further about the program and our publication that comes out twice a month. You can get my info from my website...


Anja Kennedy said...

Wow! Thank you! It's such an honor to get a comment from you. I will definitely be getting in touch about your program -- the Reading Specialist and I have a writing group at our site, and we've been very inspired by your work.