Thursday, April 14, 2011

Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto

"I will never give up... I promised to succeed no matter the odds against me. And you know why? Because that is my way of living." So says Naruto in book #1 of this ongoing manga series. Learning to overcome your boundaries and finding a way to achieve your goals is what Naruto is all about. This Japanimation series mainly focuses on the way a teenager decides to live his life and the challenges he must face and overcome in order to maintain. As the story, develops, readers learn that any character in Naruto, including Naruto himself, can meet his or her end. Naruto is both entertaining and engaging for any reader who can decode. The illustrated frames will be welcomed by striving readers who will be able to follow along as the story takes them on the rollercoaster ride of broken friendships, betrayals, sacrifices and the search within oneself. Each of the Naruto graphic novels is short and fast-paced which is sure to have students coming back for more. -- Claudio Leon

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