Monday, April 11, 2011

The 100 Best African American Poems Edited by Nikki Giovanni

“Poems are like clouds on a June morning or two scoops of chocolate ice cream on a sugar cone in August . . . something everyone can enjoy. . . . Something you don’t think too much about until it is in Season. Then you deliciously anticipate the perfection.” So begins Giovanni’s introduction to this welcome new anthology of poetry, her words capturing how many of us feel at the dawn of each April. Readers will glow with recognition when they come across classics by Brooks, Dunbar, Evans, Clifton and Shakur, and experience fresh inspiration in character, perspective and voice while reading contributions from less-widely known poets like Jim Seibles and Truth Thomas. The attractively designed hardcover volume includes a CD with readings of 36 of the poems which can draw students in and support conversations on how to read a poem and understand a poem for the uninitiated and the beginner.

Giovanni, Nikki, Ed. The Best 100 African American Poems. Naperville: Sourcebooks, 2010.

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