Friday, March 4, 2011

Skulls by Noah Scalin

Spaghetti skull, acorn skull, mountain skull. Soy sauce skull, wire frame skull, seashell skull. How many different materials do you think you could use to illustrate one subject every day for an entire year? Artist Noah Scalin took on this project in the form of skulls, with an image posted once a day to his blog. After the blog gained massive public interest, a book was published showcasing 180 of the skulls Scalin created for the project, including short captions that describe the materials used in the process. This book is super accessible -- it’s visually appealing because of its small, square size, and every page features a skull or some skulls made in a multitude of media. Students can usually appreciate the absurdity in some, and the skill in others, but they will almost always give it a chance. This is a highly recommended stress free read.

And the blog lives on as fans all over the world continue to submit found skulls and their own handmade skulls. Check it out:

Scalin, Noah. Skulls. New York: Sterling Publishing, 2008.

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