Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kids Draw Anime by Christopher Hart

Sometimes the library gets readers excited about reading. Sometimes the library gets non-readers excited about reading. And sometimes the library helps non-readers tolerate being in a reading space -- while they maintain that they do not want to read -- by providing them with drawing books. Those drawing books can help with reading. In the case of Kids Draw Anime, we have a drawing book that sneakily offers its readers some help decoding manga through its instructional “adding expressions” section on page 15. I recommend this book to readers looking for a how-to drawing book, and teachers who may be pioneering instruction with manga and need a visual reference for how to read anime expressions.

Hart, Christopher. Kids Draw Anime. New York: Watson-Guphill Publications, 2002.


Anne Lotito Schuh said...

I might also recommend this book, and other character drawing books, for creative writing projects that ask students to visualize and create original characters. Drawing may be a way to invite those reluctant writers in.

phil230 said...

Well, today I just thought I should post How To Draw because a lot of people seem to desperate to know how!