Monday, November 8, 2010

Teen Astrology: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Life Your Own by M. J. Abadie

What’s your sign? The heft of this 300 page paperback coupled with the almost-tattered appearance of this volume in our library might lead you to believe that students can’t stop reading the details of the more complex aspects contained in the pages. That would be a mistake. This book, one of the most popular in our library at Bridges, is most often used to check the basic descriptions of each sign on pages 26-37 and the “How to Find Your Sun Sign” information box on page 4. Whether searching for more information on oneself, one’s associates, or one’s love interests, students regularly approach this volume with personal motivation and often follow up with requests for more “books like this.” Abadie breaks the text up into four parts, prefaced by an explanation as to why teens deserve their own astrology book. Part one addresses the basics, Part two delves into the planetary parings of sun/moon relationships and romantic relationships. Part three covers aspects of the inner planets and the outer planets. Part four addresses teens and their relationship with their parents. Math teachers might find fodder for students to design their own word problems around identifying their chart elements. Counselors might find starting points for conversations about self-knowledge and personality traits. Mainly, though, this book draws readers like moths to a light because we are all inherently curious about mysterious forces that claim to tell us who we are and what’s going to happen next.

Abadie, M.J. Teen Astrology: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Life Your Own
. Rochester: Bindu Books, 2001.

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