Friday, March 31, 2017

Twisted History by Howard Watson

Similar to the Wicked History series, Twisted History takes a look at several historical figures, their lives and their actions. The title focuses more on each individual’s death and the reasons why each historical figure met their end the way they did. Twisted History is divided into three sections: Treachery & Torture, Saints and Sinners, Murder & Mayhem. Each of the sections contextualizes the figure within its category for example Joan of Arc is under Saints & Sinners while Vlad The Impaler is found under Treachery & Torture and Al Capone under Murder & Mayhem. Each profile is no longer than five pages and they are sprinkled with plenty of pictures making the title accessible to students in middle school and above. Those who enjoyed any of the Wicked History titles should enjoy Twisted History. --Claudio Leon

Watson, Howard. Twisted History: 32 true stories of torture, traitors, sadists and psychos... plus the most celebrated Saints in history. London: Quantum Books, 2015. Print.

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