Monday, June 9, 2014

Book of Majors by College Board

For students who have had a productive career exploration experience and an idea of where their interests lie, College Board’s Book of Majors is a handy reference item.  For users who know the major they would like to pursue in college, the Book of Majors offers a useful list of every major offered at American universities.  Underneath each major (e.g. Music Management, Nanotechnology, Cabinetmaking, African-American Studies), readers can find a definitive list of U.S. colleges offering it.  For those who have not yet selected an area of focus, as well as those who have, this sizeable volume includes other useful tools: a part 1 featuring a two-page spread on each major describing what it covers, who might like it, recommended high school preparation, a surprising fact related to the major, typical courses in the major, concentrations, a description of the course of study, related majors, questions to ask prospective colleges, career options and trends relating to the major, an insider’s quote, and where to go for more information (snail mail and on the web.)  For those who want to know what all of their options are but are short on time, as well as for career exploration guides, the book also offers a thirty seven page listing of majors with one sentence describing each.  This is where some will most efficiently discover that it is possible to major in Gunsmithing, Gay/Lesbian Studies, and Geotechnical / geoenvironmental engineering.  Highly recommended for reference collections where access to the Internet is limited or prohibited.--Jessica Fenster-Sparber

College Board.  Book of Majors 2013.  New York: The College Board, 2013.  Print.

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