Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ender’s Game (Graphic novel adaptation)

After having repelled an alien invasion, the International Fleet creates Battle School, a program to train children who show great tactical prowess into becoming military leaders.  The fleet hopes that one trainee can rise above all others and lead the future space armada on a preemptive mission to destroy the invading alien race before they try to invade Earth again. Enter Andrew “Ender” Wiggin who was the third child birthed by the Wiggin family upon request from the government.  Ender is selected to attend Battle School at the age of six. Here he will climb the ranks and become one of the youngest battle commanders in battle school history.  But that is only the beginning. With humanity’s hope resting on Ender’s young shoulders, battle school has to make sure Ender is ready for anything.  They toss the rules and place Ender in every impossible-to-win situation they can. Is Ender the tactical prodigy the fleet has been looking for? Can the fleet finish the training before the aliens invade again? If the human race is to survive, they will have to.

The graphic novel is a stripped down version of the book.  Some of the subplots are missing and character development is limited. The art is very sleek and colorful.  It all adds a nice touch that complements the sci-fi aspects of the book, especially the battle-room combat scenes. I recommend reading the graphic novel along with the book.  Comic book readers should enjoy Ender’s Game. --Claudio Leon

Yost, Christopher, Pasqual Ferry, and Orson S. Card. Ender's Game. New York: Marvel, 2013. Print.

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