Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Teenie by Christopher Grant

Smart, self-conscious, petite Martine Lashley is about to have a very tough year.  A freshman at the immense Brooklyn Tech High School, she is under a lot of pressure, both academically and socially.  Determined to earn a scholarship into a study abroad program in Spain, her grades start to slide as she deals with ostracizing cliques, her best friend’s dangerous lack of judgement, and the increasingly forceful attentions of the star of the basketball team.  Not knowing where to turn for help, she tries to handle everything on her own, but that’s a lot for a girl nicknamed Teenie to carry.

Christopher Grant’s first book is full of complex characters and realistic situations brought to life by its vibrant descriptions of familiar Brooklyn settings.  While it is written at a middle school reading level, the content is high school appropriate, as the book deals with sexual assault and violence. --Regan Schwartz

Grant, Christopher. Teenie. New York: Ember, 2010. Print

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