Friday, January 27, 2012

Programming Spotlight: Paul Griffin at Boys Town

On Wednesday, January 25th, author Paul Griffin visited Boys Town for the first time. Paul met with both the boys and girls classes whom had just finished reading Mr. Griffin’s beloved novel, Ten Mile River. Mr. Griffin was exited to hear the student’s keen observations on his writing and discuss their many informed questions. One such student who was currently reading Paul Griffins’ The Orange Houses commented that Mr. Griffin writes about incarceration and the foster care system with the understanding of someone who has actually gone through these systems and wanted to know how(if at all) he was connected to them. Mr. Griffin informed the student of his background teaching and presenting workshops in many of New York City's sites of detention for youth. Paul Griffin ended the visit by telling the students ‘we all need to work together’ and that ‘love is the best medicine for the soul.’ --L. A. Gabay

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