Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Programming Spotlight: Walter Dean Myers


I think that’s how many of us felt yesterday to be in the presence of the inimitable godfather of young adult literature, Walter Dean Myers. Thanks to YALSA’s Great Stories CLUB, the NEA, Lainie Castle at ALA's PPO office, Anne Lotito Schuh, Phoebe Yeh at Harper Collins, and the author himself, almost all the students present yesterday at Horizon Juvenile Detention Center had the chance to hear from the author of Dope Sick, Monster, Carmen, and the recently released We Are America to name a few of the titles from over one hundred he has penned. Disarming as ever, he spoke about second chances, showed students some of his tools as a working writer, and talked about the joys of making a living using one’s mind. If that wasn’t already enough (and it was!) he even sat down and autographed well over a hundred books to be given as gifts to students, teachers, administrators and staff. I am filled with gratitude. He and Phoebe left us with some prizes for readers-- stay tuned!

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