Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sports Illustrated: The Football Book

Football season brings many things: incredible plays by the fastest quarterbacks, rough and tumble tackles by the biggest and baddest defensive players, and of course, devoted fans. This book examines the sport from many angles with color and black and white photographs galore and articles compiled from Sports Illustrated magazine. Some standouts are the pictures of old equipment and uniforms, championship rings, ticket stubs and other ephemera from the early days of football. It also touches on the role of famous athletes in advertising, and highlights some of the most memorable ad campaigns. Missing, unfortunately, are any pictures of the cheerleaders who work so hard from the sidelines. This large format book is a perfect fit for football fans, but it is also an appealing resource for those who have a more general interest in sports or for those who enjoy looking at pictures from earlier times. With all of the information included on the history of the game, it will also appeal to fans of pop culture. This book has been especially popular at Summit lately, where students are participating in a football team program through the Division for Youth and Family Justice.

The Football Book. New York: Sports Illustrated Books, 2005.

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