Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unknown Soldier by Joshua Dysart, Illustrated by Alberto Ponticelli

The ComiCon arrives in town Friday (thanks for the heads up, Mr. Lopez!) and we’re hoping to scout out the best new comic books and graphic novels of the season, so before we go, I thought I’d tell you about my favorite discovery from this summer: Unknown Soldier: Haunted House. Following superhero comic book procedure is only half of what the team behind Unknown Soldier has to offer. The other half is worth its weight in gold: factual information about the conflict in Uganda as it plays out (fictionally) before an Americanised refugee who has returned as a competent doctor to administer to those in need. Raising the ethical dilemmas that come with child soldiers and culture clashes when foreigners enter civil war zones, this is a compelling, violent, and informative read which would make for great independent reading in tandem with units on child soldier texts, an examination of contemporary civil wars, or diversity in comic books. Highly recommended as a genre-crossing counterpoint to Beah’s Long Way Gone. Coming soon to a Passages Academy Library near you!

Here's a link to a more in-depth article on this fascinating series published in the New York Times.

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Anonymous said...

OooOOH! I'm a Cybils judge this year in the graphic novels category and I am really hoping this one makes it through the nomination process!

But I'll read it nonetheless.

I'll be at NYC Comic Con - look for the librarian with the long pink hair!