Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Programming Spotlight: Alex Simmons Visits Crossroads

On Tuesday, April 24th, author Alex Simmons visited Passages' middle school boys and girls at Crossroads, a secure facility in Brooklyn.  Mr. Simmons is a prolific professional writer who has authored many comic books (including many Archie and DC Comics titles and his own independent comic - Blackjack), as well as fiction and nonfiction books for youth, theater and radio plays, and even games!  He spoke about his life as a freelance writer, and about the many careers available in the comics industry.  All of the participants received copies of Obama and Palin in Riverdale, generously provided by LIT, which Mr. Simmons autographed.  Students also had a chance to practice creating their own comic character, and to autograph their work for Mr. Simmons who collected it to possibly include in his Kids' Art Gallery.

Mr. Simmons is also hard at work organizing this year's Kids Comic Con, on May 5th in the Bronx. --Regan Schwartz

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