Friday, June 7, 2013

Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper

Andrew Jackson’s life is changed forever the night he and his friends make the tragic decision to drink and drive to celebrate their high school basketball team victory. Andrew, B.J., and Tyrone look on in horror as the car Andy is driving bursts into flames with team captain, Robert Washington, trapped helplessly inside. Andy is finding it easier to deal with the consequences of having his license revoked until he is twenty-one and having a two year suspended sentence on his record than the guilt he feels over causing the death of his best friend. His parents tell him to be strong. Coach tells him he can’t blame himself forever. His friends and girl try to be supportive, but Andy still struggles. The story hinges on the question of will he ever be able to forgive himself? Sharon Draper deals with a variety of issues in Tears of a Tiger in a format that offers the reader a variety of insights into the issues. She uses a conversational format for most of the book but then includes student assignments, letters, and diary entries to provide further character insight. Also included is a reader’s guide with discussion topics as well as activities and research ideas. The first book in the Hazelwood High trilogy, this book is for the reader who is not afraid to deal with the tough issues of teen life. -- Bernardine E. Lowery-Crute

Draper, Sharon. Tears of a Tiger. New York, NY: Simon Pulse, 1994. Print.

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